Vol 18, i4 & Vol 19, i1

Published: 2024-01-20


Editorial: Special Issue on China and Disability

Luanjiao Hu, Fengming Cui
Abstract 212 | WORD Downloads 53 PDF Downloads 90

Research Articles and Essays

Inclusive Education in China: From Policy to Implementation to On the Ground Experiences

Helen McCabe, Tian Jiang
Abstract 211 | WORD Downloads 3 PDF Downloads 23

A Participatory Action Research Project with People with Disabilities and Seniors in China During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yue Xu, Luanjiao Hu, Chengqing Shen, Jiani Guo
Abstract 126 | WORD Downloads 38 PDF Downloads 38

Media Representation of Women with Disabilities Affected by COVID-19

Ying Xiong, Xiuli Wang
Abstract 173 | WORD Downloads 41 PDF Downloads 57

The Formation of the Deaf Community in China, 1887-1945

Shu Wan
Abstract 128 | WORD Downloads 44 PDF Downloads 113

Disabling Crisis: Mental Health Experiences of Visually and Hearing-Impaired People in Shanghai

Juan Miguel Ortega-Quesada
Abstract 132 | WORD Downloads 24 PDF Downloads 76

Additional Global Research

The UK Government's Creation of the Personal Tragedy Model of Disability

Jason Olsen
Abstract 365 | WORD Downloads 43 PDF Downloads 89

Burrito Texts: Mel Baggs and the Language of Crip Life

Sarah Cavar
Abstract 164 | WORD Downloads 35 PDF Downloads 115

“The Only Disability in Life Is a Bad Attitude”: So-Called “Inspirational” Media in The Age of Trump

Eve Bohakel Lee, M.A.C., Amy Lein, Ph.D., Kyle Barnett, Ph.D., Moira O'Keeffe, Ph.D.
Abstract 184 | WORD Downloads 36 PDF Downloads 61


“Spirit and Sport” Explores the Intersections of Sport, Religion, and Disability

Kara Ayers, Breanna Coleman
Abstract 85 | WORD Downloads 33 PDF Downloads 34

Creative Works

Time is Running Out...

Sujal Manohar
Abstract 233 | WORD Downloads 40 PDF Downloads 22

Notes from the Field

Dissertation & Abstracts v18i4 & v19i1

Abstract 86 | WORD Downloads 43 PDF Downloads 19