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Since 2003, RDS has published over 500 authors from around the world. One of only a handful of peer-reviewed Disability Studies journals in the world, the Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal (RDS) is a quarterly online, open-access journal that provides an international forum for people with disabilities, academics, professionals, artists and creators from all backgrounds and expertise to express ideas relevant to our understanding of disability.                                                       


The RDS Editorial team is pleased to announce a new Special Issue of Review of Disability Studies on Disability and Film and Media.   The interdisciplinary issue features guest editors Beth Haller and Lawrence Carter-Long, two of the nation's preeminent disability and film and media scholars and contains innovative research and creative work from around the world that looks at the role film and media can play in how we think about disability, and perhaps in helping create more inclusive and equitable spaces.

Plain language abstracts for all articles may be viewed here.
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Current Issue

Vol. 17 No. 4 (2022): Special Issue: Disability and Film and Media

Published: 2022-02-04



Beth Haller, Lawrence Carter-Long
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Research Articles and Essays

Exploring the Development of Disability Identity by Young Creators on Instagram

Kristen Tollan
Abstract 425 | WORD Downloads 84 PDF Downloads 260 plain language abstract Downloads 0

Vernacular Radio Stations and Inclusive Education in marginalized communities in Kenya

John Ndavula, Jackline Lidubwi
Abstract 138 | WORD Downloads 69 PDF Downloads 44 plain language abstract Downloads 0

Page 17

Disability Metaphors and Patriotic-Enlightenment Movement in the Korea Daily News, 1907-1910

Eunyoung Jung
Abstract 190 | WORD Downloads 80 PDF Downloads 89 plain language abstract Downloads 0

Temporal drag, radical negativity and the re-articulation of disabled identities in American Horror Story

Alison Wilde
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Review: Code of the Freaks (2020)

Jeffrey Preston
Abstract 175 | WORD Downloads 54 PDF Downloads 47 plain language abstract Downloads 0

Towards a Superfest Origin Story

Emily Beitiks
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Creative Works

"The Co-Op": Director's Statement

Cameron Mitchell
Abstract 113 | WORD Downloads 53 PDF Downloads 28 1125_plain_language_abstract Downloads 0 view film Downloads 0

Heroic Justice for Quasimodo Through Re-creation

Talia Steinmetz
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Notes from the Field

Conference Announcement: 37th Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disability & Diversity Held Virtually February 28 & March 1, 2022 HST

Pac Rim Team 2022
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Dissertation & Abstracts v17i4

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The Review of Disability Studies (RDS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal that is targeted towards any person interested in disability studies. We have readers and authors from all over the world. We accept submissions in English of a scholarly nature covering a range of disciplines within disability studies as well as creative works expressing ideas in the area of disability. The RDS journal contains the following sections: 1. Research and Essays; 2. Topical Forums; 3. Creative Works; 4. Global Perspective on Disability Studies; 5. Multi-Media Review; 6. Notes from the Field; 7. Dissertation Abstracts. The journal is published four times a year, and each issue runs approximately 50 pages.