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Since 2003, RDS has published over 500 authors from around the world. One of only a handful of peer-reviewed Disability Studies journals in the world, the Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal (RDS) is a quarterly online, open-access journal that provides an international forum for people with disabilities, academics, professionals, artists and creators from all backgrounds and expertise to express ideas relevant to our understanding of disability.                                                       


Current Issue

Vol. 18 No. 4 (2024): v18i4 & v19i1: Special Issue: Disability and China

Vol 18, i4 & Vol 19, i1

Published: 2024-01-20


Editorial: Special Issue on China and Disability

Luanjiao Hu, Fengming Cui
Abstract 145 | WORD Downloads 41 PDF Downloads 61

Research Articles and Essays

Inclusive Education in China: From Policy to Implementation to On the Ground Experiences

Helen McCabe, Tian Jiang
Abstract 91 | WORD Downloads 23 PDF Downloads 41

A Participatory Action Research Project with People with Disabilities and Seniors in China During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yue Xu, Luanjiao Hu, Chengqing Shen, Jiani Guo
Abstract 82 | WORD Downloads 23 PDF Downloads 25

Media Representation of Women with Disabilities Affected by COVID-19

Ying Xiong, Xiuli Wang
Abstract 121 | WORD Downloads 25 PDF Downloads 30

The Formation of the Deaf Community in China, 1887-1945

Shu Wan
Abstract 75 | WORD Downloads 36 PDF Downloads 63

Disabling Crisis: Mental Health Experiences of Visually and Hearing-Impaired People in Shanghai

Juan Miguel Ortega-Quesada
Abstract 102 | WORD Downloads 16 PDF Downloads 47

Additional Global Research

The UK Government's Creation of the Personal Tragedy Model of Disability

Jason Olsen
Abstract 205 | WORD Downloads 28 PDF Downloads 57

Burrito Texts: Mel Baggs and the Language of Crip Life

Sarah Cavar
Abstract 73 | WORD Downloads 19 PDF Downloads 72

“The Only Disability in Life Is a Bad Attitude”: So-Called “Inspirational” Media in The Age of Trump

Eve Bohakel Lee, M.A.C., Amy Lein, Ph.D., Kyle Barnett, Ph.D., Moira O'Keeffe, Ph.D.
Abstract 165 | WORD Downloads 26 PDF Downloads 46


“Spirit and Sport” Explores the Intersections of Sport, Religion, and Disability

Kara Ayers, Breanna Coleman
Abstract 59 | WORD Downloads 23 PDF Downloads 26

Creative Works

Time is Running Out...

Sujal Manohar
Abstract 106 | WORD Downloads 25 PDF Downloads 14

Notes from the Field

Dissertation & Abstracts v18i4 & v19i1

Abstract 52 | WORD Downloads 28 PDF Downloads 11
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The Review of Disability Studies (RDS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal that is targeted towards any person interested in disability studies. We have readers and authors from all over the world. We accept submissions in English of a scholarly nature covering a range of disciplines within disability studies as well as creative works expressing ideas in the area of disability. The RDS journal contains the following sections: 1. Research and Essays; 2. Topical Forums; 3. Creative Works; 4. Global Perspective on Disability Studies; 5. Multi-Media Review; 6. Notes from the Field; 7. Dissertation Abstracts. The journal is published four times a year.