Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 8 Issue 3


Published: 2014-10-13


Editorial: A Note from the Mouse Who Wanted to Be the Farmer’s Wife

Megan Conway
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Forum Guest Editors’ Introduction: Disability Studies in Education “At Work”

David J. Connor, Jan W. Valle, Chris Hale
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Difference in Policy and Politics: Dialogues in Confidence

Julie Allan
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“What...[thought] cannot bear to know”: Crippin’ the Limits of “Thinkability”

Nirmala Erevelles
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Supporting Graduate Students toward “A Pedagogy of Hope”: Resisting and Redefining Traditional Notions of Disability

Geert Van Hove, Elisabeth De Schauwer, Kathleen Mortier, Lien Claes, Katrien De Munck, Meggie Verstichele, Caroline Vandekinderen, Karen Leyman, Leen Thienpondt
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Book Review: Arts, Culture, and Blindness: A Study of Blind Students in the Visual Arts

Katherine Reid
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Book Review: Surprised to be Standing: A Spiritual Journey

Janine Bertram Kemp
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Disability Studies Dissertation Abstracts

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