Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 1 Issue 3

Published: 2014-12-24

Research Articles and Essays

“Colorless in a Rainbow:” An African American Female with Albinism in the Hawaii Public School System

Kimetta R. Hairston
Abstract 273 | PDF Downloads 118 Word Downloads 89 Text Downloads 131


Introduction: Disability Studies Meets Special Education

Megan A. Conway
Abstract 715 | PDF Downloads 276 Word Downloads 108 Text Downloads 160

Reflections on Inclusion: Integrating the Disabled Self

G. Denise Lance
Abstract 572 | PDF Downloads 114 Word Downloads 91 Text Downloads 92

Who is Disabled? Who is Not? Teachers Perceptions of Disability in Lesotho

Christopher J. Johnstone
Abstract 495 | PDF Downloads 158 Word Downloads 106 Text Downloads 157

Spaces of Education: Finding a Place that Fits

Nancy Hansen
Abstract 490 | PDF Downloads 104 Word Downloads 92 Text Downloads 104

Education in the Prevention of Social Exclusion

Markku Jahnukainen
Abstract 478 | PDF Downloads 197 Word Downloads 85 Text Downloads 119

Disability in Greece: Social Perception and Educational Policies

Stathis Balias, Pandelis Kiprianos
Abstract 807 | PDF Downloads 590 Word Downloads 94 Text Downloads 110

Creative Works


Book Review: Implementing the Social Model of Disability: Theory and Research

Liat Ben-Moshe
Abstract 597 | PDF Downloads 115 Word Downloads 81 Text Downloads 85

Book Review: Deaf Side Story: Deaf Sharks, Hearing Jets, and a Classic American Musical

Alex Lubet
Abstract 137 | PDF Downloads 88 Word Downloads 88 Text Downloads 87

Book Review Title: The Labor Market Experience of Workers with Disabilities: The ADA and Beyond

Cal Montgomery
Abstract 238 | PDF Downloads 67 Word Downloads 79 Text Downloads 95

Book Review: Damned for Their Difference: The Cultural Construction of Deaf People as Disabled

Albert B. Robillard
Abstract 354 | PDF Downloads 80 Word Downloads 83 Text Downloads 83

Notes from the Field

Disability Classics: Dee [Lesneski] Says

Josie Byzek
Abstract 148 | PDF Downloads 62 Word Downloads 84 Text Downloads 96