Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 1 Issue 2

Welcome to the second issue of The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal.  This issue includes a forum on “Postsecondary Education,” as well as research articles from a variety of fields, essays, commentary, and book reviews.  Thank you to all of our subscribers for your support and patience as we establish ourselves as a new journal!  We realize that the first two issues have been produced rather sporadically, and our aim is to produce four issues a year and to establish a regular publication schedule.  All subscribers will receive four issues (a year’s subscription), regardless of when their subscription started.

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So please, sit back and enjoy this issue of The Review of Disability Studies.

The Editors,

Robert A. Stodden, Megan A. Conway, Steven E. Brown


Published: 2014-12-28



Robert A. Stodden, Teresa Whelley
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 37 Word Downloads 42 Text Downloads 46

Research Articles and Essays

Asian Americans with Disabilities: Influence of the Disability Rights Movement on Culturally Competent Social Work Practice

Christine N. Langworthy, Evaon C. Wong-Kim
Abstract 395 | PDF Downloads 178 Word Downloads 45 Text Downloads 66

Homeschooling Children with Disabilities: Balancing Freedom and Responsibility

Merope Pavlides
Abstract 685 | PDF Downloads 314 Word Downloads 46 Text Downloads 77

The “Really Disabled”: Disability Hierarchy in John Hockenberry’s 'Moving Violations'

Rachel Stewart
Abstract 554 | PDF Downloads 677 Word Downloads 38 Text Downloads 63

Speaking for Myself: Reflections on “Passing” and Labels, 2002

Ruthie-Marie Beckwith
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 54 Word Downloads 40 Text Downloads 51

The Thorn in Our Side

Rob Kocur
Abstract 119 | PDF Downloads 51 Word Downloads 35 Text Downloads 37

The Future of Medicaid

Arnold Birenbaum
Abstract 155 | PDF Downloads 41 Word Downloads 39 Text Downloads 52


Disability-related Simulations: If, When, and How to Use Them in Professional Development

Sheryl Burgstahler, Tanis Doe
Abstract 1549 | PDF Downloads 2009 Word Downloads 57 Text Downloads 234

Case Studies that Illustrate Achieving Career Success in Postsecondary Education through Self-Determination and Problem-Solving Skills

Peter W. Dowrick, Elizabeth Evans Getzel, Lori W. Briel
Abstract 394 | PDF Downloads 121 Word Downloads 47 Text Downloads 76

Research Synthesis on Assistive Technology use by People with Learning Disabilities and Difficulties

Kelly Drew Roberts, Robert A. Stodden
Abstract 384 | PDF Downloads 114 Word Downloads 40 Text Downloads 79

Success for People with Disabilities after Postsecondary Education

Jennifer A. Graf, Teresa Whelley, Linda F. Jones
Abstract 253 | PDF Downloads 63 Word Downloads 38 Text Downloads 57

A Beautiful Story: A Dream Realized through the Power of Natural Supports and Faith in Oneself

Anona K. Napoleon, Cindi Sherman
Abstract 130 | PDF Downloads 47 Word Downloads 37 Text Downloads 59

Creative Works

A Little Story to Share

Lee-chin Heng
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 41 Word Downloads 23 Text Downloads 45


Monty Anderson
Abstract 65 | PDF Downloads 24 Word Downloads 22 Text Downloads 34


Book Review: The Case Against Assisted Suicide: For the Right to End-of-Life Care

Christina Carty Bergholz
Abstract 97 | PDF Downloads 25 Word Downloads 26 Text Downloads 32

Book Review: Vulnerable Subjects: Ethics and Life Writing

Steven E. Brown
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 16 Word Downloads 23 Text Downloads 31

Notes from the Field

Disability in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Idiopathic Chronic Fatigue

Bart Stouten
Abstract 66 | PDF Downloads 31 Word Downloads 32 Text Downloads 42