Dive into the Review of Disability Studies Journal's 2019 Spring issue with topics ranging in Disability and Immigrant Mothers in Korea; Math Educators; Ableism Scale; Multimedia Reviews; including announcements for upcoming Disability Studies opportunities. Read more at http://bit.ly/RDSv15i1.

Published: 2019-03-19


“Disability in Popular Horror: A New Trend?”

Raphael Raphael
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Research Articles and Essays

Disability and Educators in Mathematics Schooling Research: A Critical Exploratory Review

Paulo Tan, Rachel Lambert
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The Symbolic Ableism Scale

Carli Friedman, Jessica M Awsumb
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Review of Have Dog Will Travel

Diana Baker
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Notes from the Field

Summer 2019 Editorial Internship Opportunity

Megan Conway, Kara Ayers, Jenifer Barclay, Mary Jean Hande, Susan Levy, Raphael Raphael, Kiriko Takahashi, Maria Timberlake
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Disability Studies 2019 Summer Online Courses

Kaiying Lin
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Call for Art Submissions: Disability and Shame Forum

Genesis Leong, Stephanie Patterson, John Y. Jones, Dana Lee Baker
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