Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal Volume 13 Issue 4    Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices

From Canada to India, Guatemala to Germany, this special issue includes a research forum on Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices,” as well as multimedia, creative works, and a selection of the latest in disability studies’ dissertations & abstracts. Read more at

Published: 2017-12-01


Editorial: Is this a Marriage or a Carriage?

Megan Conway
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Creative Works

Cancer Kung Fu: Fighting Back Through Writing and Drawing

Anna Faroqhi
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A Question & Answer with Helen S. Cohen, Filmmaker of States of Grace

Raphael Raphael
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Dissertation & Abstracts v13i4

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Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices Special Forum

Cripping Care: Care Pedagogies and Practices

Patty Douglas, Carla Rice, Christine Kelly
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Too Much or Too Little? Paradoxes of Disability and Care Work in India

Nandini Ghosh, Supurna Banerjee
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What is a Service Animal? A Careful Rethinking

Margaret Price
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Teaching and Care: Cripping Fieldwork in Teacher Education

Susan Baglieri, Jessica Bacon
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