Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal - Volume 2 Issue 1

Published: 2014-12-22

Research Articles and Essays

Social and Economic Stress Related to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Botswana

Thabo T. Fako, J. Gary Linn, Dolly Ntseane, Lorna Kendrick
Abstract 278 | PDF Downloads 240 Word Downloads 103 Text Downloads 132

Bypassing the Perils of Victimisation: A Suggested Future Pathway for Disability Studies

Paul Gordon Jacobs
Abstract 284 | PDF Downloads 105 Word Downloads 127 Text Downloads 208

“If They Could See Me Now!”: College Students Reflect on Their Experiences as Special Education Students in the K-12 System*

Lynne A. Kellner, Lisa Freden
Abstract 387 | PDF Downloads 128 Word Downloads 106 Text Downloads 134

Using Children’s Literature to Cultivate Compassion for People with Differences

Anna Stewart
Abstract 699 | PDF Downloads 126 Word Downloads 126 Text Downloads 153


Book Review: My Friend Isabelle

Rhonda S. Black
Abstract 429 | PDF Downloads 105 Word Downloads 83 Text Downloads 94

Book Review: Nick’s Gallery, London: PublishBritannica, 2004

Steven E. Brown
Abstract 147 | PDF Downloads 59 Word Downloads 82 Text Downloads 88

Book Review: I Can, Can You?

Taletha M. Derrington
Abstract 138 | PDF Downloads 68 Word Downloads 82 Text Downloads 92

Book Review: Early Communication Skills for Children with Down Syndrome

Martha Guinan
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 135 Word Downloads 89 Text Downloads 99