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University of Hawaii at Manoa, Disability Studies Fall Online Courses are now available. Register for both undergraduate and graduate courses through the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) and/or University of Hawaii Outreach College. Classes start on 8/20/2018, reserve your seat today for the following 2018 Fall courses:

Undergraduate CoursesDIS 380 Foundations Disability & Diversity

Focuses on disability as a category of diversity and identity, as well as diversity within disability. Different strategies used to increase the freedom or liberty of people with disabilities are critically examined. This is an excellent foundational course with content applicable and relevant to all fields of study. Instructor Lauren Ho, [email protected]. Online, 3 Credits, 8/20/2018 - 12/14/2018. Register for UHM - CRN 86416 or Outreach - CRN 1308 at https://myuh.hawaii.edu

DIS 382 Accessible Learning Technology

This course covers U.S. Federal Laws and guidelines, accessible technology, creating accessible instructional media, developing long-term resources, advancing accessible social interaction between students and students with instructors, and using case studies as examples of good practices. Instructor Tom Conway, [email protected]. 8/20/2018 - 12/14/2018. Register for UHM - CRN 85715 or Outreach - CRN 1310 at https://myuh.hawaii.edu

DIS 383 Disability History and Culture

This Writing Intensive Focus course encourages students to consider disability history and culture in the context of our wider society. Who were the Greeks who created their own society for veterans with disabilities? How does Kalaupapa fit into the history of disabilities? What does Hip Hop have to do with disability culture?  Instructor Steven Brown, [email protected]. 8/20/2018 - 12/14/2018. Register for UHM - CRN 86415 or Outreach - CRN 1313 at https://myuh.hawaii.edu

Graduate CoursesDIS 675C Supporting Multilingual Learners: Science

Evidence-based strategies that support language and literacy skills for English Learners in the content area of science. Students will study (1) current evidence-based practices for teaching reading comprehension, (2) use and interpretation of assessment tools to monitor progress, and (3) the use of technology to support culturally and linguistically diverse students reading at the K-8 levels. Instructor Caryl Hitchcock, [email protected]. Register for UHM - CRN 89372 or Outreach - CRN 1309 at https://myuh.hawaii.edu

DIS 681 Multicultural Issues and Disability

This course provides opportunities for students to develop theoretical and applied family-centered and culturally sensitive approaches to building effective partnerships and facilitating collaborative teams with professionals, persons with disabilities, and their families. Instructor Kiriko Takahashi, [email protected]. Register for UHM - CRN 83692 or Outreach - CRN 1311 at https://myuh.hawaii.edu

DIS 683  Interdisciplinary Disability & Diversity Issues

Students will develop an understanding about issues individuals with disabilities, their families, friends, colleagues, and allies encounter in today’s society.  This includes information about the lives of individuals with disabilities and perceptions of impairment; policies and legislation; diversity issues; advocacy issues; service provision issues; educational issues; and how these may be seen through the lens of research and active learning. Instructor Megan Conway, [email protected]. Register for UHM - CRN 83691 or Outreach - CRN 1312 at https://myuh.hawaii.edu

Graduate Certificate in Disability and Diversity Studies

We offer both undergraduate and graduate coursework in Disability and Diversity Studies (DIS), including a 15-credit, interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Disability and Diversity Studies. For more information contact Megan Conway, [email protected] or visit www.cds.hawaii.edu/certificates.

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