Assessing the Impact and Uses of the Disability Common Fund Among Persons with Disabilities in Kumasi Metropolis in Ghana

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Anthony Kwaku Edusei
Paulina Adjei-Domfeh
Wisdom Kwadwo Mprah
Maxwell Peprah Opoku
Eric Badu
Christopher Seth Appiah


Social protection, disability common fund, Ghana


The Disability Common Fund (DCF) is a social protection program aimed at alleviating poverty among persons with disabilities in Ghana. Since its introduction, little has been done to examine if beneficiaries use the fund for its intended purposes. The study was conducted to assess beneficiaries’ perception of the sufficiency of the fund, what the fund was used for and the possible impact on the lives of beneficiaries in the Kumasi Metropolis, and make recommendation for improvement. This cross-sectional quantitative study obtained survey data from120 beneficiaries of the fund in the Kumasi Metropolis. Findings indicated that the DCF was used for a variety of purposes, which could be beneficial to the recipients of the fund. These included procurement of assistive devices, awareness creation, enabling the environment, payment of school fees of dependents and assisting beneficiaries to access healthcare. Although respondents complained of the insufficiency of the fund and delays in releasing of funds to the beneficiaries, the fund has had some positive impacts on their lives. It is recommended that the fund be increased and disbursed in a timely manner in order for the DCF to serve its intended purpose.
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