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We have been publishing RDS since 2003 and have published  over 500 authors from all over the world, including numerous authors from other UCEDDs. One of only a handful of peer-reviewed Disability Studies journals in the world, the Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal (RDS) is a quarterly online journal that provides an international forum for people with disabilities, academics, professionals, artists and creators from all backgrounds and expertise to express ideas relevant to disability studies and people with disabilities. 

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Vol 13, No 3

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Table of Contents


When A Hyphen Matters: Reflections on Disability and Language
Megan Conway

Research Articles and Essays

“Friends Give Meaning to Life:” Reframing Friendship for Individuals with Autism that Type to Communicate
Jessica K. Bacon, Fernanda Orsati, Scott Floyd, Hesham Khater
Self-Determination in Social Context: A Social Cognitive Approach
Jason Matthew Naranjo, Luke Duesbery

Creative Works

On Speaking and Not Speaking: Autism, Friendship, Interdependency
Sonya Freeman Loftis
Finding Becky: How Disability Erasure in Play Reflects and Influences Reality
Karin Hitselberger

Best Practices in Disability Studies

Sports and Disability: Enhanced Health, Self-Efficacy, and Social Inclusion Through Athletic Participation
Tayo Moss, Trenton Joe Landon, Allison Fleming
Disability Studies Dissertations Abstracts
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